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4 Easy Ways to Cloak Free Homes

The house is a place for its inhabitants to take shelter and conduct various activities. Therefore, the comfort of the house would be a top priority for the inhabitants. One of the things that disturbs the comfort of a residence is the presence of “uninvited” animals, such as mosquitoes, rats, ants, and cockroaches.

The presence of cockroaches is a problem for many homes, especially if there are residents who are phobias on cockroaches. If you are bothered by the presence of cockroaches at home, here are some ways to overcome them, as quoted from the Boldsky page on Sunday (7/1/18).


The important thing to keep home cockroaches unhappy is cleanliness. Remnants of food or ingredients that are scattered or piled on the corners of the house can “invite” the presence of cockroaches.


One option to root cockroaches is to use cockroach traps. There are a variety of cockroach traps, ranging from containing toxic feeds or glue. You can try each type to find out which one is most appropriate for cockroaches in your home.


A damp or wet place can be an arena for cockroaches. Try to keep the fragile parts of the house like the kitchen and the warehouse dry. Cockroaches can survive without water for only seven days. Adjust the vents and fix any leaks that you keep so that the room stays dry.

Aroma Floor

Keep the floor clean. Sweep and mop the floor regularly with a strong scented floor cleaning soap, such as citronella. A strong scent can prevent roaches from coming. Make sure that after the dipel, the floor dries perfectly.

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