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5 Clean-up Tips for A New Home

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When you occupy a new home, you have to remember with the old inhabitants of spiders, ants, dust, and other dirt-including of course the damp smell that has long settled.

To make you more comfortable living in a new home, make sure that the condition is completely clean before you live. Here are some things to consider when cleaning a new house.


1. Clean up before you occupy it

Before you actually move on and occupy a new home, come as often as possible to clean the house. Notice whether there are still parts to renovate, such as whether there is still a leak.

Make sure every room is swept and cleaned so that there is no damp aroma or the smell of a new room dominated by the smell of cement or building materials.


2. Starting from the ceiling and walls

So that the dust does not re-litter the floors and walls, start cleaning the room from the highest part. Clean the ceiling with a broom and remove the dust that is in the corners of the ceiling.

Then start to the lower part like windows, doors, walls, and lastly is sweep and mop the floor. The same is true for cleaning other rooms including bathrooms.

For the ceiling, you can use long-stemmed duster. For a wall can use a dry sponge, and clean the window with a duster.


3. Clear parts that will be difficult to reach

Give more attention to areas that will be difficult to reach because it will be filled with furniture. That part is not only the floor, but also the wall.

Clean the area first with a cleaner that contains disinfectant so that it will not become a nest of bacteria.


4. Clean the frequently held part

There are some parts that are of course often touched by the old occupants and artisans who renovate your home. For example, light switch, door handle, water tap, kitchen table or granite, and sink.

Clean the parts with a damp cloth soaked in a mixture of water and detergent, then dry with a clean cloth.


5. Clean the furniture that will be put into the house

Make sure the furniture you will use in the house is clean and no more dust is attached. Because your house is free of dust so do not add new dirt in the furniture.

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