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Month: February 2018

Choosing the Window Blinds That Suit You Best

Selecting blinds is easy, isn’t it? Not always, say experts. There’s a greater choice than customers expect.

Many people are familiar with vertical and Venetian blinds but there’s a pleasing range of other blinds which may just be perfect for your unique personality and requirements. Consider light levels, privacy, aesthetics, functionality, value for money and security during the selection process.

The right blind is out there, waiting with one of the leading local blind fitters, the long established Smart Blinds, based in Thatcham and Caversham.

Blinds are thought of by many customers as just another DIY job, but this can result in poorly fitted blinds which deliver irksome problems over time. Hiring quality blind specialists, enjoying bespoke manufacture and using professional blind fitters for installation guarantees peace of mind. Fitted window blinds installers ensure that their craftsmanship lasts for years.

Popular Fitted Window Blinds

Venetian Blinds  

For a long time, Venetian blinds were the most popular blinds. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese initiated the trend, their blinds were of bamboo and reeds. The Persians created blinds more like contemporary ones. Impressed Venetian merchants were vital to the blinds success across Europe.

Today’s made to measure Venetian blinds are produced in a wide variety of materials, colours and slat sizes.

Vertical Blinds 

Once associated with offices or waiting rooms, they can be found almost anywhere today. Vertical fitted window blinds offer versatility and are ideal for conservatories and patio doors. They can be manufactured and installed for any size door or window.

Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds originated as pieces of material used to cover windows in Rome, intended to keep the sun and dust outside. Romans discovered that they stayed cooler and the dirt and grit were deflected when the cloth was made damp.

Eventually, creativity took hold and people decorated their blinds. The drawstring was added later.

Roman blinds are available in a variety of textures and patterns, with blackout linings.

Roller Blinds 

Several fitted window blinds are comprised of slats of wood, plastic, metal or fabric, and they work via rotation of the slats which overlap for light level control.

Roller blinds are different, they’re a single piece of whichever fabric has been chosen, fitted to a pole with ropes or chains which raise or lower the blind as preferred. They have always been popular, particularly for bathrooms and kitchens.

Choose from a plentiful amount of fabrics and textures, with or without blackout colours.

Motorised Blinds 

Control blinds without getting up from the sofa, or even when you’re not at home using a remote control or an app on your smartphone.

Available for roller, Venetian, roman, vertical and roof blinds, window blinds fitters appreciate motorisation represents the future of blinds. A key security feature is the ability to operate your blinds when you’re on holiday, creating the illusion that someone is home.

Secure a free measurement and fitting service from Smart Blinds customer focused advisors. Their trusted window blind installers can work on any number of windows and doors in all shapes and sizes.

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