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  Guide to Organize Sofa

Written on October 31, 2017   By   in Home Improvement

sofa photoSofa can be regarded as a basic element of interior decoration in minimalist dwelling. And the existence of the sofa to be very vital in the dwelling so it needs to be noted where the arrangement. Wrong lay the sofa will certainly affect the aesthetics of decorating space.

And so as not to be mistaken, here are five ideas to lay out the sofa based on the type of sofa.


1. Sofa with different model
Just legitimate unite the sofa with different models in one room. If you have three sofa models consisting of a large sofa, armchair, sofa bench, make sure you put the largest sofa with a more prominent texture in the middle of the room.

And to the others in front of the right and left. Create a U-shaped layout. You can add decoration chandeliers or small tables in between sofas to sweeten the look.


2. Bamboo woven sofa
The most suitable bamboo woven sofa is placed on the outdoor area, such as the house terrace or balcony. The reason bamboo wicker sofa is in accordance with the relaxed atmosphere.

Sofa is comfortable to be a place to relax the afternoon while enjoying the breezy angina on the porch of the house. Do not forget to add cushions and a comfortable backrest on the sofa.


3. Leather sofas
The leather sofa is identical to the formal and classic rustic design. This type of sofa is very suitable placed in the living room area. Generally consists of one long sofa and single sofa.

You can arrange it with L shape. You can also add a wooden table in the center, as well as a matching carpet mats to make the room look aligned.


4. Sofa Letter L
This type of sofa has a simple and modern shape. It is suitable for minimalist or contemporary design. If you use this type of sofa then no need to add a single chair.

Suitable placed in the family room because it is very comfortable and cozy to sit back while enjoying the television spectacle. Add a standing lamp decor or the surrounding greenery to create a more modern look.


5. Two-colored sofa
If you choose to use a sofa with a different color, choose a complementary color, such as green with brown, navy with yellow, and so on. Two-color sofa applications suitable placed in the living room or your living room.


You can choose the form of a long sofa with two single chairs, or a long sofa with two single sofa with the same model. Put the form letter L.


Add a carpet mat and a middle table. In addition you can add a table lamp on the side of the sofa to beautify the look.